Billing FAQs

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: We accept major credit cards and Canadian institutions can also send a cheque payable to the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Q: Who is your payment provider?

A: We use Freshbooks Cloud Accounting. FreshBooks leverages PCI compliant partners to store the cardholder data.

Q: I powered off my instance but I was still charged for usage!

A: Unlike Amazon EC2, Collaboratory charges for instances in any state, powered on, powered off, idle, etc. This is because in the Collaboratory your instances local disk is stored with the hypervisor for better performance. While the instance may be powered off, the data is still stored on the hypervisor and the space/ram/vcpu allocated to that instance must be reserved to prevent oversubscription so that the instance can be powered on again when the user requests it.

Q: How often am I billed?

A: Collaboratory will send out invoices near the beginning of each month for the previous months usage. Payments are due upon you receiving the invoice.

Q: What if I am late paying an invoice?

A: We do not charge any late fees for late payments but if there are unpaid invoices we reserve the right to terminate services for any accounts with overdue balances.

Q: If I have an unpaid invoice, does that unpaid invoice get rolled in to the next months invoice?

A: No, we treat each invoice separately and do not carry forward any unpaid balances. Please remember to pay all past invoices!

Q: Why does my bill fluctuate each month even though I am consuming the same amount of resources each month?

A: We charge for resources used per hour and the number of hours per month vary throughout the year (28 days, 30 days, 31 days).

Q: Why am I receiving an invoice for $0?

A: We send invoices for all accounts even those without any usage. Think of it as a reminder that you still have an active account with us. If you want to terminate your account please email

Q: I have a billing related question that is not listed here, help?

A: Email with your question!