An open platform for sharing Docker-based tools described with the Common Workflow Language used by the GA4GH.

Researchers Sharing Tools

Dockstore is an open-source project that aims at allowing researchers to package and share bioinfomatics tools and workflows. What makes Dockstrore unique if that it combines Docker for tool compatibility with descriptors wuch as Common Workflow Language (CWL) or Workflow Descriptor Language (WDL). former allows for reusable tools that can run on a variety of cloud computing environments including Cancer Genome Collaboratory while the latter allows researchers to describe their tools with metadata, allowing for others to index and search for their tools while also being able to assemble them into larger workflows.

Featured Workflows

Dockstore is also the home for the workflows used for the PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) project. These workflows have been released and validated with CWL 1.0:

Dockstore Resources