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The Cancer Genome Collaboratory is an academic research cloud built by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR).

Cloud Infrastructure

The Collaboratory hosts ICGC BAM, VCF and other types of protected datasets, as well as compute capabilities and Docker-based analysis tools for use by its research community. One of them main goals of the Collaboratory project is to remove many of the barriers that prevent researchers from using the ICGC's vast genomic database, because the large size of the ICGC datasets means that they can take months to download and analyzing them requires computing power that many research groups do not have.

This will allow scientists to access and analyze ICGC datasets through Collaboratory’s cloud computing platform, enhancing collaboration and accelerating the development of new tools and treatments for cancer patients.

Collaboratory Data Repository: Donor Distribution by Primary Site

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Cloud Resources

Although most of the ICGC datasets are stored both in AWS S3 and Collaboratory, some research projects only allowed their collected data to be stored in non-commercial public cloud environments, so Collaboratory was a perfect place to store them.

Because Collaboratory was custom-built for cancer research, its physical nodes have generous amounts of local storage potentially offering better performing disk access as well as better CPU/memory ratios. The proximity to the object storage storing the large datasets means also fast downloads and decreased workflow runtimes.

As of January 2019

  • CPU Cores


  • Memory

    22 TB

  • Local disk

    435 TB

  • Object storage (raw)

    10 PB

  • Block storage

    60 TB

  • Network (shared)

    10 Gbps

Get Started

OICR plans to scale up the hardware infrastructure, increase the number of ICGC datasets available, and open the cloud to a broader community of researchers by the end of 2016. Request an account and be amongst the current users who are benefiting from the Collaboratory resources:

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