Hardware & Software Infrastructure

This core provides the essential hardware, data and software infrastructure on which the Collaboratory runs. Its design and implementation is driven by the needs of the other research and core modules.

Mission Statement

  1. Design hardware architecture, acquire and install hardware
  2. Install, configure and monitor the virtual compute software environment (OpenStack and CEPH)
  3. Upload curated ICGC datasets to the Collaboratory
  4. Develop software solution to support data search and secure access, interoperability between Collaboratory compute centers, and cost recovery based on resource usage
  5. Create a repository of shareable and easy-to-install data analytic tools (dockstore.org)
  • Management Team

  • Development Team

    • George Mihaiescu, Cloud Architect
    • Jared Baker, Cloud Specialist
    • Andy Yang, Software Developer
    • Bob Tiernay, Software Architect
    • Junjun Zhang, Lead Bioinformatician
    • Linda Xiang, Bioinformatician
  • Collaborators

    • Robert Grossman, Collaborator
    • Brian O'Connor, Collaborator


This core enables the scientific community to exploit the ICGC cancer genome data sets and catalyze many novel and innovative research findings. The core will pioneer the use of cloud computing to facilitate community-based analysis of large genomic data sets, and will serve as a first test bed for the standards promulgated by the Global Alliance for Genomic Health.


  • ICGC Storage

    Our software solution for storing and accessing ICGC data on the Collaboratory

  • ICGC Get

    A universal client for downloading ICGC data from the Collaboratory and other supported repositories

  • Dockstore

    A library of tools that can be run on the Collaboratory or elsewhere

Latest Publications & Presentations


Openstack and Ceph used in large scale cancer research

Presenter: George Mihaiescu

Date: October 2016


The Collaboratory

Presenter: Vincent Ferretti

Date: June 2016

Meeting: Data Commons and Data Sharing Workshop 2016


ICGC in the Cloud

Presenter: Christina Yung

Date: April 2016

Meeting: American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2016