Our Research

The work of the Collaboratory consists of technology development cores and research modules organized with the common goal of encouraging collaboration and accelerating the development of new tools that will advance the personalized treatment of cancer through genomic research.

Technology Development Cores

The Technology Development Cores are responsible for building specific infrastructure needed to explore the cancer genome, developing analytical tools, rapidly benchmarking those tools against others, and sharing tools and analytic results with other users of the facility.

Research Modules

The Research Modules both use and drive the technology development cores. Each module is designed to address a key biological problem in the cancer field that can be addressed by computation over the ICGC and related data sets, and to produce algorithms that will be highly relevant to other fields of genomics and computer science.

Latest Publications & Presentations

Latest Publications & Presentations


Numanagić I, Bonfield JK, Hach F, Voges J, Ostermann J, Alberti C, Mattavelli M, Sahinalp SC, (2016)

Comparison of high-throughput sequencing data compression tools.

Nature methods, 2016;():


Charlebois K, Palmour N, Knoppers BM, (2016)

The Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Field of Genomics Research: The Influence of Ethical and Legal Issues.

PloS one, 2016;11(10):e0164347


Openstack and Ceph used in large scale cancer research

Presenter: George Mihaiescu

Date:October 2016