Cloud Computing for Big Data Genomics

Welcome to the Cancer Genome Collaboratory, an academic compute cloud resource that allows researchers to run complex analysis operations across large ICGC cancer genome data sets.

Nature Journal, 6 February 2020, Cancer Catalogued
Read about the ICGC/TCGA analysis of >2,600 whole cancer genomes across 38 tumour types in 23 papers published in Nature and other Nature journals. Photo credit: Nik Spencer/Nature.

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What We Offer

Cloud Infrastructure

The Collaboratory hosts an OpenStack cloud with more than 2592 CPU cores and over 4.4 PB of storage, offering resources such as:

Researchers Sharing Tools

The Collaboratory offers multiple ways for researchers to share their tools including VM sharing through the OpenStack Console, and Docker container sharing through the Dockstore based on a GA4GH-compliant tool descriptor.

The Collaboratory and Cancer Genomic Research

This project uses the power of cloud computing to open up the study of cancer genomics to researchers around the world. The Collaboratory is made up of an experienced team of PIs with the common goal of encouraging collaboration and accelerating the development of new tools for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer patients.

There are now over 140 publications by researchers who have benefited from the Collaboratory's co-location of data and compute code. The range of research includes the study of tumour evolution, the impact of non-coding mutations on cancer phenotypes, the interaction of germline and somatic mutations, the heterogeneity of tumours discovered through single cell sequencing, the effect of somatic mutations on the transcriptome, and the development of new algorithms for genome processing and analysis.

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